The Race

The 4x4 Nuts is a completely unique teambuilding experience designed to test teams of four - six to the max.

Simple and tough!!!

4x4 NUTS originated from the 4 man patrol formation developed and favoured by the UK's Special Forces.

Team composition

Choose between 4-person or 6 person squads:

Age limit

Fourteen years to still standing!

Disclaimer waiver

All team members must sign a waiver under 18s must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Team times

All team members must cross the finish line together; time is on the last member of your team over line.


Don’t forget, once you’ve completed the fantastic 4x4 NUTS the festive fun continues with the superb Mudstacle Awards starting at 1815hrs at the Burford Bridge Hotel, to book your tickets click here

Visit the Mudstacle awards website by clicking the logo below


What you'll face

The Course

5K of the famous Nuts course including obstacles designed to only be achievable working as a team as well as all the usual Nuts favourites.

Over obstacles galore and unique military style command tasks for your team to overcome!

The Objective

To make it to the finish line as fast as possible with all members of your team and your kit all present and correct.


The Teasers


A nutty simple 5K breeze to run, jog and wade through.


Yes that's right - we've got loads of them.

Command Tasks

Order! Order! – be sure to listen carefully.


It's always good to have friends to help.

Getting Prepared

Train for the unexpected and expect some fun.

On the day

Bring your 4x4 NUTS with you - keep that fuel up.

Waves and Times

Two teams every five minutes. A bit like a rally stage!

Event Photos

How could we not - they're a must! Right?


Invite the world, it's free to watch your team achieve.

Train Unite Conquer Achieve

4x4 NUTS will encourage teams to train and unite together to run through a course designed to test their teamwork, communication & problem solving whilst having fun.Wayne Monkman

Some stats




Planks of wood


Metres of mud


Team members

Frequently Asked (and answered) Questions

Here are a few questions that have come up - let us know if you have any more.

30th November – please book early to avoid disappointment.
Yes - there are water stations at the start/finish point and one at the mid-way section.

The Place

4x4 NUTS race location

4x4 Nuts

Henfold Lakes,
Henfold Lane,
Dorking, Surrey,

The course is set on acres of land with specially designed obstaces both natural and built.

Finding us

Once you get on Henfolds Lane - look out for signs to Nuts and our marshals will guide you to the parking.

Get in touch

Our team are always glad to hear from OCR Fans and answer any questions you may have.

So go on - don't be shy - use the form and drop us a line.